Newbie in dire need of help: referencing subreports fields? 
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 Newbie in dire need of help: referencing subreports fields?

Sorry to annoy if this question has been asked before - or if the
answer is biting me on my arse and I didn't noticed it.

I need to compare results from a report that generates a query
featuring a "WHERE ..." to the same results from the same query
*without* a WHERE clause - think a report that extracts data from a
master table and a series of subreports ectracting data from the
detail tables (bound to the report by a where clause), the data I can
manage within the subreports are just what the where-bound query

I tried using SQL fields, but the editor reports a syntax error even
in the simplest queries, and the manual isn't of much help (may be the
italian edition), so I thought about inserting a WHEREless subreport
extracting totals from the tables I need and referencing those total
fields in other where-bound subreports to calculate the percentages.
Is there a function, statement or like to extract values contained in
a subreport from a report?

Hope to have made myslef clear - any help will be *much* appreciated.


Edoardo Licciardello
SMS Italia

Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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