Using a dll that referenced CR 8.5 files on a machine that has CR 8.0 
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 Using a dll that referenced CR 8.5 files on a machine that has CR 8.0

I used VB 6.0 to create a dll on my development maching which has Crystal
Reports 8.5.  I referenced the Crystal Reports 8.5 ActiveX Designer Run Time
Library (craxdrt.dll).

I registered my dll on a test web server which has CR 8.5 installed on it
and made an ASP page that uses the dll to create a server object and export
a rpt file to a pdf, doc, or xls.  When this happens, my code in the dll
returns true and there is indeed a pdf, doc, or xls file that I can do as I
please with.  It works perfectly.

The actual web server where the dll and ASP will be used in production has
CR 8.0 installed on it.  When I run the ASP on this web server, the export
to doc or xls works fine but when I try to export to pdf, my code returns
false.  I know that CR 8 did not have the ability to export to pdf but CR
8.5 does.

My question is this:  Can I use my dll that referenced a CR 8.5 dll on a web
server that has CR 8 and be able to take advantages of the export to pdf.  I
figure what is probably happening is that in order for my dll to work, it
has dependencies on CR 8.5 files and when used on a machine that has CR 8.0
on it, the dependency files are there but they are older and do not offer
the export to pdf that I need.

Checking the dependency files for my dll, I noticed a "RPCRT4.dll".  That
file does exist on the CR 8 web server but is a slightly different version.
Is there anything I can do to make this work.  I cannot updrade the web
server to CR 8.5 as it is not mine.  Any help on this would be greatly
appreciated as I am really stuck.


Mon, 03 Oct 2005 01:33:20 GMT  
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