Need Help with Crystal Reports Line Graphs 
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 Need Help with Crystal Reports Line Graphs

I need some advice on a Crystal Reports line graph that
I am trying to make.  I am using Crystal Reports version 7.
I want to make a line graph plotting 2 series of stock
prices for a one week period.

For example, assume that my data file consists of 3 fields
(sample data included):

DOW        1        2010
DOW        2        2040
DOW        3        2065
DOW        4        2030
DOW        5        2050
DOW        6        2060
DOW        7        2070
S&P        1         100
S&P        2          90
S&P        3          95
S&P        4         120
S&P        5         125
S&P        6         140
S&P        7         150

Being a novice, I am using the Report Designer.
I have specified a series line graph in the "Graph" section in
the Report Designer of Crystal Reports.
I have defined "DAY" as the "on change of" field for the Graph.
I have defined "PRICE" as the "show value" field for the Graph.

My question is, where in the Report/Graph Designer do I specify
that the "STOCK" field is the SERIES identifier so the graph will
have 2 lines?  I want the I have spent alot of time reading the
documentation which I find inadequate and have spent hours
trying everything I could think of.  I'm sure its something
simple but at this point I'm about to give up.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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Tue, 23 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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