SQL server text field > 255 
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 SQL server text field > 255

In VB 5.0 Enterprise, (sp3), and Crystal Reports 6.0

How can I get a SQL server field, a text field, (which to Crystal is a
memo field), into a formula, when the field is bigger than 255

I need to take the field from SQL server and manipulate it before I
put it on the report. I can't refer to SQL server text fields
in crystal formulas, so I created a blank formula and tried to move the
manipulated (Modified) field to the formula from within a VB program.
But it wont work when the field is > 255 characters.

Hard to believe that Crystal has such a limitation when SQL server is
so prevelant.

Is there any solution?

Thanks in Advance,

Wed, 03 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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