What's the difference between decimal and right alignment in text object 
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 What's the difference between decimal and right alignment in text object

I'm using Crystal Reports 6.0 for reporting and I thought that I finally
come across the feature I was looking for in version 6. What I would
like to achieve is to align a column of decimal numbers with a varying
number of decimals so that the decimal points would align. I was
delighted when I found out that you can place database fields inside of
a text object and set tab positions with align (left, center, right or
decimal ) to do the trick  but once again  the result was as
disappointing as it usually is with CrystalReports, nothing works the
way you'd expect. I've written a formatting formula that counts how many
decimals a number has and set the decimal positions accordingly but what
CR does is  right align the fields. If some knows a way to do this basic
formatting thing then let  me know by email.

Petri Halonen
Hameenlinna, Finland

PS. A little trivia quiz

What piece of sh.t (software) has been nominated the MOST FRUSTRATED
Product of the Millennium by the staff of SysteemiLinna Oy?

(All together now, we all know the ansver) THE CRYSTAL REPORTS!!!

Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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