ADO - PELogOnSQLServerWithPrivateInfo() Handle to database connection 
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 ADO - PELogOnSQLServerWithPrivateInfo() Handle to database connection

Hi All,

I had a VB6 system running using RDO & used Crystal Reports 6 for reporting.
Now that I've converted that system to ADO, I cannot find any reference to
the 'hDBC'
either on the Connection or Recordset objects.  I'm using the standard ODBC
and am using ADO to establish the connection.

Does this now mean I have to change my standard logon procedures to use the
ODBC API functions to establish the connections first?  Sounds crazy that I
have to do

Any ideas?

Problem code (where 'rdCn' is a RDO Connection object):

    If PELogOnSQLServerWithPrivateInfo("PDSODBC.DLL", rdCn.hDbc) = False
            MsgBox "PELogonSQLServerWithPrivateInfo failed", vbExclamation +
vbOKOnly, "CmdOutput"
            GoTo CloseJob
    End If

Mon, 08 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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