Crystal Distribution using SQL 6.5 
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 Crystal Distribution using SQL 6.5

p2ssql.dll is looking for ntwdblib.dll which is part of the SQL 6.5 client.
Make sure its in your path.


>When distributing an app (VB6) using Installshield Express 2.3, my reports
>won't run on the host machine, unless I also install the Microsoft SQL
>Server Client Utilities. It complains about the file pdssql.dll (I have
>included p2ssql.dll in the setup, as this is the 32-bit version, and all
>files as recommended in the help file). What other file might be missing,
>that gets installed when installing the SQL Client Utilities ? Seagate
>know. They say I must speak to Microsoft ?!?!?!?


Mon, 14 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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