Error 515:Error in Formula with Date/Time 
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 Error 515:Error in Formula with Date/Time

I am using CR8 with Crystal Syntax and an Access 2000 database.  I have a
formula that pulls all data before a certain time, say 10:00AM.  The
Datepart ('h' (Datetime)) was working fine, and then something happened to
the pc that it quit working.  Now I get an error in formula (515) when
running the program from the application, but it runs fine from Crystal.

The report still runs fine from the my development pc, but will not run from
the other.  I copied the winnt\crystal folder onto the other pc to make sure
they were both using the same dll files.  I also tried listdlls and the
Crystal Module program to compare files on both computers.  I could not find
anything that would cause this problem.  Does anyone know of another way I
could do this, or perhaps what the culprit dll file may be?  I have already
upgraded the MDAC to 2.7 and downloaded some database connectivity Crystal
patches from Seagate.  Any ideas?


Sat, 02 Jul 2005 08:45:29 GMT  
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