cr.NET LogonInfo -- need help pls 
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 cr.NET LogonInfo -- need help pls

Hello.  I've found a few articles on the web describing how to use an
Existing Report on my new .NET page, and I'm sooooooo close to having
it run, but it is still failing.  Let me describe please:

1) I have a bunch of .rpt files that were created in our old CR8
designer, and are currently in use on our old .ASP site.

2) I created a .NET web application, and in Studio, I added to my
WebForm (.aspx) the Crystal Viewer from the toolbox.

3) I went to Properties of the Viewer control, and pulled up Data
Bindings...  And I set "ReportSource" to "c:\path\report.rpt" as per
examples I had found.

4) Right there in the design enviornment, the viewer control "did it's
thing" and I can see the actual report data, layout and all, right
there on my .aspx page, within Studio, so I know I'm close!

5) But when I pull up the page in a browser (either by hitting F5 in
the Studio enviornment, or by pulling up IE and navigating to the
.aspx page), I get an error.  Not a nice .NET looking error either,
but full of useless text. However, IN that useless text, I see one
very important thing: Logon Failed.  :)

So, I looked within the codebehind to find the object.UserName or
object.Password, whatever... and had no luck.

My research so far has all pointed to my needing to create something
called a LogonInfo class and put it to use.  But, I have NO idea how
to do that of course.  Can someone help me get this going?


Tue, 28 Sep 2004 20:11:11 GMT  
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