error after installing application on W98 system 
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 error after installing application on W98 system


We developed an commercial application in march 99 with VB5. After
installing several applications on W95/W98/NTsystems without any problem,
now we've run into a huge problem. A W98 system (W98 4.oct.1998 )sets up
mentioning that 6 files are older than the ones system already holds.
After  keeping systemfiles there seems to be no problem but running the
programm it does generate the data we put in the application correctly but
however it prints/previews data that this application saved from the
Betaperiod. And these prints are gathered from very different orders as well
as the data we recently put in.
We eliminate the application through computer/configuration/software. We
clean the registry with winreg and we again setup the application.
However same result at the end.
What to do?
Is this a windows or applicationproblem?

thanks very much for any suggestion you might have


Sat, 08 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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