Problems with printing a wide crosstab in a subreport 
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 Problems with printing a wide crosstab in a subreport

Hi guys,

I've put a crosstab in a subreport. Yipi. Now, when I have very wide
crosstabs which span more than 1 page they don't print out correctly!
The preview correctly shows the first (left) part and a single line.
When I doubleclick on the subreport it opens and shows the left part
then a vertical space and then the rest of the crosstab. It worked
like this too when you positioned the crosstab in the main report. And
when you printed it printed 2 pages with both parts of the crosstab.

Now why doesn't Crystal print out the rest of the crosstab when it's
inside a subreport? Is it a limitation or a bug?

Any help appreciated....


Tue, 24 May 2005 23:51:41 GMT  
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