How to move to the next record? 
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 How to move to the next record?

We have a function in ADO called MoveNext which moves to the next record in
the recordset. Say I want to do the same in CR, how?

The Next() function used in formulae shows only the consecutive next record.
I want to access 2 and 3 more records after the immediate next one.
How can i do it?

We have the following data table for the report to display

Row #1
CompanyCode: 1000233000
FinancialYear: 199501
Data1: 45697
Data2: 89744

Row #2
CompanyCode: 1000233000
FinancialYear: 199601
Data1: 49897
Data2: 12744

CompanyCode: 1000233000
FinancialYear: 199701
Data1: 89697
Data2: 89444

CompanyCode: 1000233000
FinancialYear: 199801
Data1: 12397
Data2: 45644

With the Next() function i can get values in Row#2, but how to access values
from Row#3 or Row#4?

Any help is highly appreciated.


Sun, 16 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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