Apps Using CRViewer in XP will crash. 
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 Apps Using CRViewer in XP will crash.

I found my VB app using the crystal 7 viewer couldn't locate my database as
the location was set as 'Same as Report' in the ICR designer.(compiled under
This only occurs under windows XP, which changes the inbuilt location
into "mytable!c:\mydb.mdb", and generating 'cant find table' errors cos it's
looking in the root instead
of the app folder...
What it means is that you have to hard-code your
database locations of your ICR's into the executable, meaning you must
force-install your applications
into the same folder name on every machine.

Speaking to Crystal Decisions, I was told XP is not supported as a
development environment, and
they no longer support crystal 7 - fair enough - but the same problem occurs
using 8.5 too.
So when your end-users upgrade from 98 to XP, and given that almost every
new machine sold
has windows XP pre-installed, you'd better be prepared to have your viewer
apps crashing left right and centre
if you use 'same as report' for your data location.

I would have thought there'd be a couple of pre-emptive dll fixes out by
now, but apparently they don't plan to do anything about it until enough
people raise the issue.

a similar problem is in the knowledge base here (but I'm using Access, not


So as it stands, if your application uses the Crystal Report viewer to show
embedded reports in a VB app,
and your database location is set as 'same as report', your app will fall
over under XP, and they have
no plans to do anything about it.

How pathetic is that......

Fri, 24 Sep 2004 22:14:26 GMT  
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