Newbe question: Adding and removing a field to a report with 
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 Newbe question: Adding and removing a field to a report with

i'm totaly new to  Crystal Reports n visualstudio but I've have to find a
solution. So maybe you can help me with the first steps.
I've have build a report "myrpt.rpt" that i bind to an Webform
"mywebform.aspx" and the data is based on Dataset "myds.xsd" witch could its
data from different tables an runtime. On the page_load event of my webform
i change the dataset to a user choosen table. That all works fine. Now my
problem is, that the table have different fieldnames, so I want to remove
the fields and labels from the origin report an replace them by the fields
of the new table. I thought this could work with somthing like
"myrpt.sections.fields.add()" but something like that doesn't exist. So how
could a do that?

Thanks in advanced


Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:01:26 GMT  
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