VB.NET and CR report viewer 
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 VB.NET and CR report viewer

Sorry about not doing my homework on this problem...

I have a VB.NET app that has a CR Viewer control. It loads CR8 reports that
pull data from a SQL2000 database.

The new problem I am having is when I install this app on other computers
the data in the report is off. I get some data but it is wrong. If I run
this app on my developement box the data is correct.

Now if I install CR8 on one of the other computers and load the same report
through CR8 the data is correct. BUT even with CR8 now installed on the
computer the VB.NET app still doesn't show the correct data

WTF! I have come a long way with this and I have just hit a wall and can't
think anymore.

Any suggestion to where I should start looking?


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Mon, 26 Sep 2005 00:50:41 GMT  
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