Performance differences between Crystal 7.0 and .NET 
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 Performance differences between Crystal 7.0 and .NET

Is it fair to expect reports designed using Crystal Reports 7.0 to
have around the same execution time when ported to run in .NET (using
the standard version of Crystal that ships with VS.NET)?

Are there any known performance-related issues with porting old
reports to run in a .NET windows app?

I have some old Crystal 7.0 reports that use the "pull" data access
model to read from an Access database.  When I use the old reports in
a .NET windows application (still "pulling" data from the same Access
database), the performance is significanly slower in .NET app.  Some
of the major characteristics of these reports are that there are lots
of linked tables, grouping and sorting, and mathmatically calculations
to sum various fields in the tables.

Has anyone noticed any performance-related problems, or issues, in
Crystal for .NET?



Fri, 18 Nov 2005 21:35:14 GMT  
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