Report.PrintOut - Printer.Orientation is ignored 
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 Report.PrintOut - Printer.Orientation is ignored


I want to print reports (landscape and portrait).

Dim Report as
Set Report = Report.dsr
Set Printer = Printers(intSelectedPrinter)
Printer.Orientation = Report.PaperOrientation
Report.SelectPrinter Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, Printer.Port
Report.PrintOut False, intNumber, blnSort

But the Printer Orientation is ignored.(default paper-will be printed)
What do I have to do to solve this problem?

Joachim (Germany)

Sat, 07 Jun 2003 17:14:02 GMT  
 Report.PrintOut - Printer.Orientation is ignored
You should set the orientation property in the report object:

report.PaperOrientation = <orientation>

Withing Craxdrt, there are 3 constants defined:

The paperOrientation property of the report overrules the setting in the
printer. You do not need to set the orientation property on the printer
object. Crystal will do that for you.




>I want to print reports (landscape and portrait).

>Dim Report as
>Set Report = Report.dsr
>Set Printer = Printers(intSelectedPrinter)
>Printer.Orientation = Report.PaperOrientation
>Report.SelectPrinter Printer.DriverName, Printer.DeviceName, Printer.Port
>Report.PrintOut False, intNumber, blnSort

>But the Printer Orientation is ignored.(default paper-will be printed)
>What do I have to do to solve this problem?

>Joachim (Germany)

Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:43:28 GMT  
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