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 Report will not display in browser


I am new to Crystal Reports and thought that it would make a nice touch to
my site to try and use one or two... I have created a project and a report
in VS.NET and added to my main page a ReportDocument Component and
aCrystalReportViewer and have linked them altogether to my report

When the design pane is selected for my page the CrystalReport template
thingi is shown and the grey box saying about specifiying the report source
disapears, sort of showing that all is working, but then when you load it up
in explorer the grey box comes back telling you to use ReportSource or
DataBindings property to specify a report source.... all I am looking to do
is display one simple little report and then hopefully develop it slightly
so that you can specifiy a from and to date range.... but just a simple
report will do for now!!!

Any help will be much appreciated!


Mon, 07 Nov 2005 03:15:14 GMT  
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