Opening CR8/8.5 Reports in VB6, Using CRViewer Control 
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 Opening CR8/8.5 Reports in VB6, Using CRViewer Control

I'm working with generating a small VB6 service-program, which among
other tasks should be able to
show a general rpt-file report with subreports in the CRViewer control,
after fetching the data from a
Oracle database (7 and 8).  It is assumed that database login and and
schema-name may be different
from site to site, and different between report-developer and
report-viewer.  The following is generally done::

           Data is assumed fetched through ODBC,
           is using SetLogOnInfo on tables in report and subreports to
set login-info

                Set CRAppl = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application")
                Set CRRapp = CRAppl.OpenReport(CRRappName)

                Rem --- Set the report-database
                For i = 1 To CRRapp.Database.Tables.Count

CRRapp.Database.Tables(i).SetLogOnInfo _
Trim(Connectinfo.OraService), _
                Next i

            Is running through the sections to identify subreports, and
doing the same for them.

It seems like the reports are running, but before the CRViewer is
showing any data, the message

            "Server has not yes been opened."

Is shown.  The logon-information is correct so this may not be the

        1. What is the cause for this message ?
        2. Does anybody know any good sources for information about VB
and CrystalReports, have
            been looking at the CrystalDecision site without finding
much ?


Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:05:35 GMT  
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