Client-Side Smart Viewer is Empty 
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 Client-Side Smart Viewer is Empty

I have a 3-tier VB 6.0 project.  Due to database security concerns, the
client NT and Win95 workstations must access Crystal Reports that reside in
the NT Server middle tier.  The clients also will not have ODBC settings;
all database connections come from the middle tier where the crystal reports
are.  Crystal Reports (the application software) is not loaded on the

I am using Crystal Reports7.0 Web Reports Server and Microsoft IIS on the NT
Server.  In my VB app, I create WebBroker and WebSource objects to view the
reports in a Smart Viewer.  In the IDE, the Smart Viewer displays the
crystal report.  However, in the compiled app on the client, the Smart
Viewer remains empty.

Since Crystal Reports software resides on my development computer with the
VB IDE and the IDE Smart Viewer displays the report, I suspect that the
reason my client workstation doesn't display the report is because I am
missing a file or connection to my application server.

Any ideas?  I appreciate any help you can offer me.

Fri, 31 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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