Error while registering CRAXDUI.DLL/CRVIEWER.DLL 
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 Error while registering CRAXDUI.DLL/CRVIEWER.DLL

    I have created an application in Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Ed.
that uses Seagate Crystal Reports Report Designer Component 6.0. It
works well on my own computer and also when I install the application on
computers where VB 6.0 and Crystal Reports has already been installed.
But when I install my application on a computer with Windows NT 4.0 and
without Visual Basic I get the following error message:
An error occured while registering the file
If I choose Ignore, the setup continues, but I also get the same message
about the file CRViewer.dll. If I also choose Ignore once more, the
application is installed and seems to work. I have tried to register
both DLL's afterwards using Regsvr32, but then I get the message:
DllRegisterServer in C:\WINNT\-- failed. Return Code 0x80004002.
In the Microsoft programming documentation I have read that this code
means Interface not supported.

I used the Package & Deployment Wizard to create the setup files. Can
anybody tell me how to solve this problem?

Hallgeir Ruud

Fri, 01 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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