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 About Crystal Reports (large explain)

Hi !!!

Excuse me if this explanation is very large.

I 've a little problem with a report designed with Crystal Report

    . I have a .rpt with 4 Formula Field in Detail section.
    . From a VB(5.0) program I can load this report and send information to
the fornulas field whit the information that I need..:

            (Code example...)

            Impresion.rpt1.Formulas(0) = "F_Codigo1=" & Chr(34) & miCodigo1$
& Chr(34)
            Impresion.rpt1.Formulas(1) = "F_Clave1=" & Chr(34) & miClave1$ &
            ... an so on..

            Impresion.rpt1.Destination = 1 ' To printer
            Impresion.rpt1.CopiesToPrinter = 1

             'launch printer work..
              Resultado% = Impresion.rpt1.PrintReport

    .  This is all OK..

    The problem is when I want to print a lot of pages, with diferent
information.. If i use the code show before, for each page that i want to
print there is a job in the printer queue and this situation is very slowly.

My question is:

   The is any way to work whit formula field like Date base field ?. In this
case, only one job is sent to the printer...and is more efficient..

Thanks a lot of...

Sun, 27 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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