Crystal Report Bug using Active Data 
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 Crystal Report Bug using Active Data

Hello all....

I'm having a problem with CR6 Professional using Active Data.  My
problem is that I developed several dozen reports successfully and then
transferred them to a customer computer.  While at the customer site, I
was asked to add a field to the reports to which I thougt, "No
problem!".  Well it turns out that you cannot add a field to an Active
data .TTX file and then have the report recognize it.  If you try to do
a "Database verify" you get the error "Memory Full".

I was told that the problem occurred with version of the
P2SMON.dll and that it was fixed with the latest version

The result is, to add a field to the report, you have to redo the entire
report from scratch and then if you want to change it in the future, it
better reside in the exact same directory that it was developed in or
you're screwed.

So, if you're distributing reports developed using Active Data, you
might want to try a different approach.  I talked to Seagate Tech
Support (after over an hour on hold) and they did not have a solution.

Has anybody out there had this problem and fixed it?  Using NT4.0 Server
as O/S.

Fri, 02 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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