Crystal Reports .NET and Oracle Package with REF cursor 
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 Crystal Reports .NET and Oracle Package with REF cursor

Hi all,

Is it possible to use OLE DB - Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle
with an Oracle stored package/procedure that returns a reference
cursor using VB.NET, Crystal Reports 9 and Oracle 8.1.7? I remember
reading somewhere that the Native Oracle driver and CR Oracle 8 ODBC
drivers are the only options for REF cursors.

I can design the report using the Microsoft OLEDB provider for Oracle
and can sucessfully preview the report in CR. However, running the
report from VB.NET, when I export the report to PDF I see "Failed to
open a rowset ...". With the same VB.NET code using the Native Oracle
Server driver the report is able to be exported to PDF.

The problem with the Native Oracle driver is performance. Previewing
the report in CR for 3,000 rows takes about 3 minutes. Using the
Microsoft OLEDB provider for Oracle takes about 1 minute for same
number of rows.

Another thing to note, after selecting the procedure/package from the
Database Expert, if I try to Verify Database, I always see the message
'The database table "OraclePackageName_OracleProcedureName" cannot be
found. Proceed to remove this table from the report?'

Any help is appreciated.


Sat, 24 Sep 2005 03:07:14 GMT  
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