Report based on XML date (WebService) 
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 Report based on XML date (WebService)

I use Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET

I have a report (push model) in a Application.
This report is based on XML data (retrieving from a WebService).
In my report the fields that contain string + number + other characters
appear in a strange format.
Fox example:
if my field contains: "A1B2C3xx44%$"  in the report appear: "A    1   B   2
C   3  xx  44  %$"

If I make a report (push model) based on DataSet in my Project the same
fields appear correctly.

If I want to mantain the report in the application and retrieving data from
WebService what I must make?

Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:35:41 GMT  
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