Crystal Reports and SQL Server 7.0 - client files needed? 
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 Crystal Reports and SQL Server 7.0 - client files needed?

I have had several problems with getting a project distributed, but have
basically boiled them down to the following response from Seagate:

"Crystal Reports displays its error messages in a 16 bit format.  The
file that it is referring to is in fact P2SSQL.DLL.  The reason you are
getting this error, if you are distributing this file, is that you are
missing database client dlls or other runtime dlls."

The symptom is that a program runs fine on the developer machnes, but
when installed on a {*filter*} test machine, the program first appeared with
an erroneous error message claiming that the file PDSSQL.DLL could not
be found."  I subsequently was told that the file was actually
NTWDBLIB.DLL. After installing this file, the error message did in fact
go away, but the report would only generate an 11 byte file which was
not printable. Then came the message from Seagate above, indicating that
the correct CR files were there, but I was missing one or more SQL
Server client files.

Does anyone have any idea what files might be needed? (We are doing
DSNless connections)

Sat, 20 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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