Record Sets and Web Reports 
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 Record Sets and Web Reports

Hello List

Comming from VB I normally pass record sets to my reports at runtime so that
I can easily change databases without modifing the reports.  My question is
using ColdFusion and Crystal or ASP and Crystal can I pass record sets to
activeX or Java viewers and get the reports to use them instead of a ODBC
connection.  My problem is we have reports for phone switches and each of
switches data is in there own database and must stay in there own database.
Each database has the same tables and structures.  What I would like to be
able to do is change the data source for Crystal Reports on the fly at
runtime with web reports.   In VB I do this by passing in a recordset.  Is
is possible to do the same thing using the web server.


Mon, 24 Nov 2003 00:56:22 GMT  
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