VB4 to VB5 howto (a newbie) 
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 VB4 to VB5 howto (a newbie)

Hi everyone,

 I recently made a career move from VFP to VB and my first project is to
migrate an in-house VB4 application onto a VB5 application.

The current application has the following specifications:

 Windows NT 4.0

App (All 16-bit)
 1. VB4
 2. Crystal Reports
 3. VBTools VBXs
 4. WINAPI calls
 5. Access 2.0 database
 6. Data access using Jet engine DAO 2.0
 7. Using secured database SystemDB (Access 2.0)

Goals - All 32-bit

My initial evaluations on the migrations including
 * Convert all crystal reports to 32-bit
 * Upgrade 16-bit VBTools VBXs to 32-bit OLETools
 * 16-bit WINAPI calls need to modified because of different variable types
in 32-bit    
 * Convert Access 2.0 to Access 7.0
 * Using Jet engine DAO 3.5 for data access
 * Convert secured database SystemDB to Access 7.0

My problems are:
* The clients using this application are in a different city and the
upgrade will be
   transferred via eletronic BBS instead of on-site migration.
* Anything that I need to be aware of on the Crystal report conversion?
* Where can I obtain OLETools and is the conversion going to be seamless?
* The Access 2.0 SystemDB is using an .INI file for security, but the
   SystemDB retrieves the information from the Windows registry instead of
   INI file. Is that true? How do I implement it by using WINAPI32 calls?
How do
   I update the registry to register the SystemDB and retrieve the info for
user login

Any ideas or suggestions will be highly appreciated and please direct your

Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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