Setting variable values 
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 Setting variable values

I have created a variable inside a function, which was placed in the detail
section of my report.  It's basically just a counter that looks for a
specific value in the detail line.  The code for the function looks like
NumberVar nGround;
if {Report1.Ground} then nGround := nGround + 1;

The report is laid out like this:
    Report Header
         Page Header
            Group Header
                Detail (this is where my function is)
            Group Footer (this is where I want to reset the variable)

My question is - How do I reset this variable in another section of my
report?  I want to set nGround := 0 in the Group Footer, but I haven't been
able to figure it out.  There is a similar example in the online help but it
doesn't work either.  It says that a variable declared in two formulas uses
the same block of memory (i.e., it refers to the same value.) For example:

    Formula #1

    Formula #2
        ?x now has the value of 20.?

This doesn't work.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this???

Fri, 26 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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