Crystal sub-reports problem using TTX file and data tables 
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 Crystal sub-reports problem using TTX file and data tables


I am having problems bringing my Crystal Reports over
to .NET.  Simple reports work fine, it is when I try to
use my reports with subreports I encounter some parameter
problem with the sub-report link.  The exact same report
works OK in VB6, so I guess my new .NET syntax is wrong

Any ideas??

The error message I get is:

"Error in file K\:Reports\ProductSummary.rpt:
Error in formula <Simplified Sub-Report Record Selection>
({ContractSummary_ttx.NPC} = {?Pm-ProductSummaryAll_ttx.NPC})
This field name is not known"

The code I am using is:

Dim crReport As ReportDocument
Dim crSubReport As ReportDocument

        crReport = New ReportDocument()

        'set reports datasource

        'set subreport
        crSubReport = crReport.OpenSubreport("ContractLines.rpt")

      'set subreport datasource

        'send the report to the viewer
        crViewer.ReportSource = crReport

Mon, 20 Jun 2005 23:40:20 GMT  
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