How to tell when Crystal closes? 
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 How to tell when Crystal closes?

I am a REAL newbie, both with VB, and Crystal...

I have a report, and I am opening it with the ActiveX control (VB6, CR7),
and everything is fine and dandy.  The only concern is that I have a msgbox
that pops up immediately after the report is previewed, thus grabbing the
focus, etc, etc, etc...

Now it is imperative that this msgbox is modal, but I need to know when the
Crystal window is closed, so that I can ensure that the user has had a
chance to print/preview the report...

Essentially, I need the Crystal window to be modal, or I need something that
will monitor the crystal window and wait until it is closed.

I have tried:

Loop Until rptReceipt.Status = 5

But this doesn't work...  Any ideas?


Wed, 16 Jul 2003 03:46:04 GMT  
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