VB 6 / Crystal Report Designer Component (7.0) 
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 VB 6 / Crystal Report Designer Component (7.0)

Hello One & All.

I created a report using Crystal Reports 7.0 and followed the
instructions off of the Seagate's web site to import the report in my
application by using  the Report Designer Component.

I even figured out how to change the SQL Statement on the fly.

My problem is that when I created the report originally in CR 7 I used
an already existing system DSN.

However, in my application, I am using a DSN-LESS connection and I want
the report to use that instead of the hard coded one in the report.

I tried several things and the all have failed.  Does any one have any
ideas on how I this can be done or even better have sample code.


Sun, 02 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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