Invalid TLV record error 
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 Invalid TLV record error

I have written 2 reports in Crystal Reports 8 that I am executing using VB
and the Report Design Component.

The first report uses and external .rpt file and was defined using an Active
Data (ADO) data source. An ADO recordset is then passed to it at runtime for
it to report from.
The second report also uses an external .rpt file and was defined using an
Active Data (Field Definitions Only) data source. Therefore a .ttx file also
exists that must also be distrbuted with the report. Again an ADO recordset
is then passed to it at runtime.

Both reports work in teh development environment. When I create my setup
routing using the package and deployment wizard (I manually add all the
runtime DLLs' that the crystal manual indicates is required) and run the
setup on a clean machine the first report works but the second report gives
an Invalid TLV record error.

The seagate knowledge base says this error occurs when the .rpt file is
corrupt, but this is not the case as it work fines on the development
machine. Also if I copy the .rpt file to another machine I can open it in
the report designer.

I have run auditing on the machine to see if I can find any failed file
access (none occured)
I have used a regmon to look at what regestry entries might be required. The
only notable difference just before the error is that the second report trys
to open the key HKLM/software/Segate Software/Amigo
The Key only exists on the development machine. I tried created the key and
the subkeys but this did not help.

Any ideas?


Craig Fox

Sat, 19 Apr 2003 11:10:39 GMT  
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