Charting Question - How to do something like a Gantt chart 
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 Charting Question - How to do something like a Gantt chart


The subject line says it all...

I am doing a report on an MDB file that was generated from a Microsoft
Project File. Each detail line of the report looks something like

Task   EstStartDate   EstEndDate    ActStartDate    ActEndDate

Now what I would like to do is print out a graphical representation of
this. Something like this:

Task1   ========

Task2       =========

Task3  =====

Task4       ======


In other words, the y axis would have the name of each task, and the x
axis would be a range of dates, spaning the earliest starting date to
the latest ending date.

I spent the entire day trying to work with the Crystal Chart Expert,
but to no avail.

Is there any way to do this?



Mon, 15 Mar 2004 06:51:24 GMT  
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