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For those of you interested.  I recently purchased CR6.  I found
the Database Reports works alot easier than before and I liked the
Report Grouping, where I could display or print an Overall Report
followed by the Detail in the same report collection.

Problems encountered.
1)  I tried displaying a plot/line chart with 9 data groups with
110 points on each line.  At somewhere around 500 data points
plotted, CR6 will not let you modify the individual lines.  You
can't change the markers or remove the markers on any of the
lines.  The answer I received from Seagate,,  Don't do that.  Just
plot 1 of 7 records.  This may work for a Manager to VP, thrown
together, sort-of correct, where am I this month, financial graph,
but not for the engineering graphs I need to display.

2) Called CR support (you know the long distance charged to you
number that you have to use).  After punching buttons (their
system is one of the best, really), I was told that the last two
customers waited about 10 minutes, after a 3-5 minute wait, I got
the message again.  Next time, I was told the last two customers
waited 20 minutes.  After 4 more messages, I was told the last two
customers waited 30 minutes.
This has happened on both phone calls to them.  I didn't get to
talk to a human until my phone call was 35 minutes long (I have a
built in timer on my phone.
The first time I called after I got a human,  I was put on hold
for 10 minutes while he talked to level two (this was the plotting
problem)  I've spent over 2 hours on 2 phone calls to them.

3)  Next problem, Since I upgraded to CR6 for the graphing(?)
features, I decided to uninstall CR6.  Guess what!  You can't.
Had to call Seagate again (see above).  The first question they
asked me, "Are you using WIndows 95?".  "Yes".  "Our uninstall on
WIN95 is broken.",  "Broken?".  "Yes.  I will e-mail you a batch
file to uninstall CR6 with.".  "Thank You".  "Is there anything
else?".  "No Thanks"
The uninstall works..... sort of.   Of course you have to
reinstall VB to get the original CR back if you want it.  And the
uninstall did not remove ESSBASE which is a component to get Excel
connected to CR or something like that...

My graph solution was to purchase Olectra Chart which I am falling
in love with.

Anyway, just though I'd show my scars!

   Richard Dipboye

Wed, 19 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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