Export to PDF to stream? Crystal 8.5 
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 Export to PDF to stream? Crystal 8.5

Currently our middle-tier saves the rendered report to a pdf file and
then tells the client where the pdf file is.

Has anyone tried to stream this straight to IE through IIS instead of
saving it to disk? I think the writing is a bottle neck for us? Any

Here's some background on how we're using Crystal:

My company has a 3 tier app written in VB/ASP. We support Oracle and
SQL Server databases. Reports are rendered using Crystal 8.5 on the
middle tier (i.e. not in IIS/asp) and exported to a PDF file under the
web server and then IE is redirected to the PDF file. We don't use
Crystal Enterprise or any of the viewers. Basically we're doing the

   Set crxApp = New CRAXDRT.Application
   Set r = crxApp.OpenReport(sReportFileName, 1)
   With r.ExportOptions
      .FormatType = crEFTPortableDocFormat
      .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
      .DiskFileName = sUniqueNameUnderWebServer & ".pdf"
   End With
   r.Export False



Wed, 14 Dec 2005 03:51:02 GMT  
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