Adding and deleting columns dynamically, repeating row headers 
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 Adding and deleting columns dynamically, repeating row headers

I have a two part question:

1)  Is there any way of adding and deleting columns dynamically in a
report?  The report I'm working on may have a any number of columns (based
on a crosstab query).  Adding the maximum number of columns to a page and
hiding any unused ones will not work because the number of columns can vary
so much that they may spill onto the another page and I don't want to make
my report so wide that I'm printing blank pages 95% of the time.

2) If there is a way to do what I have asked above I'd also like to be able
to repeat row headers on any additional horizontal pages.  For example if I
had product names as column headers and sales persons names as row headers,
is there someway of repeating those row headers on page 2 if the number of
products spills onto an additional page?


                                                       page1     |                                                     page2    
                Prod1           ...             Prod10   |              Prod11          ...             Prod20  
Jon Doe         ---             --              --       | Jon Doe      --              --              --
Jane Doe        --              --              --       | Jane Doe     --              --              --

I'm open to any other products that anyone can suggest as long as they have
the functionallity I'm looking for.


Fri, 28 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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