Error: "Server not yet opened" 
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 Error: "Server not yet opened"

Hi everyone,

        I have a problem when I want to print my report. I'm using an
ODBC connection to a MySQL server with VB6. At design time the report
is able to connect to my database and retrieve the table definition,
but I when I start the report I get "Server not yet opened".

I've seen this somewhere in the help :
"If the database is secured like a Microsoft SQL Server database, then
an error message stating "Server not yet opened" will be displayed
because a password was not supplied in order for the report to log on
to the database. "

But my ODBC connects with a password, so I can't figure what it is ?

Please I need your help,

Thanks a lot.

Fri, 21 Nov 2003 23:32:37 GMT  
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