CR 7 With VB6 data environment AND Access DB with password 
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 CR 7 With VB6 data environment AND Access DB with password

I have a VB6 project with a data environment (which I was going to use with
VB6's data reports).

I have Crystal Reports 7, I add a crystal report to my project and select
'standard report' and pick the dataenvironment command I wish to use.

The database is a Microsoft Access 97 database with a password, the data
environment has the password setup and the 'test connection' does succeed.
I try to pick the DE command and crystal reports asks for the username and
password again (?), so I put in 'admin' & the password but Crystal Reports
says 'Can't start your application.  The workgroup information file is
missing or opened exclusively by another user'.

If I leave the password and/or user name blank, it say's invalid password.

Now, I thought if the data environment was all setup I would'nt have to
worry about the user name or password again.

What's the scoop?


Mon, 05 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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