Automation Server: CR 6 with VB 6 
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 Automation Server: CR 6 with VB 6

I'm attempting to use the Crystal Report Automation Server (version 6)
within a VB version 6 app to print/preview my reports.  All works fine
except that I cannot seem to get the Automation Server to accept values for
my SQL Server 6.5 stored procedures.  That is, my reports appear fine but my
parameters are ignored.  When I try to debug.print the Crystal parameters I
have set I get an 'Out of memory' error from VB.  Should I avoid using the
Automation Server method for reports and revert to using the OCX??  Has
anyone managed to get the VB/SQL Server parameterised stored
procedures/Crystal combination to work for the Automation Server?

Here's my code (simplified):

  Dim crApplication As CRPEAuto.Application
  Dim crReport As CRPEAuto.Report

  Set crApplication = New CRPEAuto.Application
  '... Do some connection stuff here for SQL Server...
  Set crReport = crApplication.OpenReport(App.Path & "\Myreport.rpt")
  crReport.Database.Parameters.Item(1).Value = "1"
'No error reported here
  Debug.Print crReport.Database.Parameters.Item(1).Name              'No
error reported here
  Debug.Print crReport.Database.Parameters.Item(1).Type               'No
error reported here
  Debug.Print crReport.Database.Parameters.Item(1).Value              'Uh
oh, VB says "Out of memory"
  '....then preview, etc

Graeme Robertson

Windows Developer
New Zealand

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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