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 Time Field Calculations - Crystal 8.5 - Help

I am new to Crystal Reports but have a simple problem for you experts.
 I have 2 time fields that contain the date AND the time.  For each
record in my Crystal 8.5 report, I need to subtract the StartTime from
the EndTime to get the total minutes.  Then I need to sum this field
up for all the records.

I have looked at the Time and Date Related functions but I cannot seem
to get these to work.  Either it gives me an error on syntax or tells
me "I need to use a date field??"

Here is the layout sorta of the report

Name    Procedure      Number of Prodecures     Minutes(total minutes
of all the procedures, hence starttime and endtime calculations

Any help or better yet sample code would be much appreciated.


Wed, 29 Jun 2005 06:36:01 GMT  
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