CR.NET: UFL not found on some client machines 
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 CR.NET: UFL not found on some client machines


we are using CR for .Net and we also use a UFL (user function library).
After deploying our application to the client computers CR cann't
find the UFL on some of client computers (not on all).

The documentation says that UFL's have to be placed in c:\winnt\system32
This seams to be wrong for CR .Net. CR.Net searches it UFL's
in c:\program file\common files\Crystal Report\1.0\bin.

I placed the UFL-dll in that directory, and it works on most
of our installtions. On some it doesn't. Placing the dll in
c:\winnnt\system32 does not help too. All installations are
equal (Windows XP with .net - runtime and .Net Servicepack 2).

Any idea why CR doesn't find the UFL. How does it search for its

Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:25:03 GMT  
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