Printout is different on different printer 
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 Printout is different on different printer

Dear All,

Following are some description get your Cresytal Report Help.  For example,
"To do this, Seagate Crystal Reports provides several design solutions."
Would you like to tell me what kind of solutions it meant?

"Inconsistencies due to printer drivers
When printing, inconsistencies may occur if different printer drivers are
used to create and print your reports. These inconsistencies are a result of
the various methods that individual printer drivers use to measure text
metrics such as font size. When printed, text-based objects may be
misaligned, truncated, or overprint each other. Examples of text-based
objects include string or character fields, text objects, memo fields,
numeric fields, and formula fields.

Problems such as these may arise when you have:

two identical printers, but each one is using a different printer driver
two different printers using the same printer driver
two different printers using different printer drivers
one printer driver that uses the TrueType font and a second printer driver
that maps TrueType fonts to postscript fonts
two identical printers using the same printer driver, but each one is
printing from a different version of Microsoft Windows
two identical printers using the same printer driver, but the printer
drivers are different versions
two identical printers, two identical printer drivers, and two identical
operating systems, but the resolution of the video drivers is different.
Therefore, while a document using one printer driver may require six full
lines to display a block of text:

using a second printer driver that measures fonts narrower could result in
the same block of text requiring less than six full lines
using a third printer driver that measures fonts wider could require more
than six full lines.
For the most part, this situation cannot be avoided. The goal of the report
distributor is to design reports that accommodate printer driver dependency
and still print consistently using different printer drivers. To do this,
Seagate Crystal Reports provides several design solutions. If taken into
account when creating your report, these solutions can ensure proper
printing and distribution for your report in almost any environment."

Thanks a lot.

Sat, 05 Jun 2004 19:46:45 GMT  
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