Crystal Report: Using non .txt files as source of odbc text files 
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 Crystal Report: Using non .txt files as source of odbc text files


I got an application that generates a lot of flat files
as output. I want to use Crystal Report as our default

I builded a schema.ini file via the microsoft text odbc
driver gui and define all the structures of files. In
Crystal Report I reference this DNS as my source and
everything goes ok. All files defined in the DNS has
the .txt extension. At this point all my reports are fine.

Now I want my files to have another particular extension
(.opf). I edited my DNS: remove the .txt extension and
add the .opf. The next step was rename all the files
with the .opf extension. After this I check the files
definitions (fields mapping) from the Microsoft ODBC text
driver GUI and everything is ok...

When I get inside crystal report I redefine the location
of my source (Database/Set Locations) and change the .txt
for the .opf files -do this is pretty easy-.
The problem is that when I test my database source (Database/
Verify Database) I receive the following error:

Error Opening File.
There are no fields in the file: "MYFILENAME.opf"

The thing is that if I rename the files to .txt (just like
before), redefine the ODBC schema.ini file and redefine
the database location everything goes ok. It's looks like
Crystal Report (or the Microsoft ODBC Text Driver) doesn't
supports file extensions differents to .txt, .csv, etc.

Crystal Report Version:             Developer; Product Type Full
Microsoft ODBC Text Driver Version: 4.00.4403.02
Platform:                           WinNT 4.0 SP6A

Any help is really appreciated... I'm stuck here from a while.
Thanks in advance,
Marc Bonet

Mon, 27 Dec 2004 11:00:20 GMT  
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