Saving Active Data in Report 
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 Saving Active Data in Report

Im having a massive problem saving data in a large report.  

Using cr8 with vb6, i have developed an audit report consisting of
many subreports (upto 21) each reporting on different types of
transactions on our system.

The "main" report contains a heading, page numbers and a details
section for each of the subreports (so i can suppress them if contain
no results)

I setup each subreport based on a field definition (ttx file) then at
runtime use the following code to set the data source.

    Report.Database.SetDataSource adoRS,3,1

When run the report is displayed in the cystal report viewer, fine.
But if the user chooses to i want to save this report.  I use the

        Report.SaveAs myFilename

The problem is, the report is saved with out the active Data i have
setup with it.  It has manged to revert back to the sample data i
specifed in the ttx file the report was originally setup from.

I have used this method on other smaller reports and the sata has
saved fine. Does anyone have any suggestions to why the data is not
saving?? I have tried to find differences in the way the report is
setup to the one that works but come up with zilch.

Would be very grateful for any help


Wed, 24 Aug 2005 00:04:06 GMT  
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