Printing in European Page Size Format (A4) 
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 Printing in European Page Size Format (A4)


    I am currently trying to build a Web Reporting Application with CR
    When I try to print Crystal examples from the Crystal ActiveX Smart
Viewer, I have a black line drawn at the end of each page.
    I change my printer Page Size Defalut from A4 to Letter Format and I
don't have the black line anymore.
    The point is that when I draw my own reports (A4 format), I still
have the black line as if it was to be printed in letter format.
    How can I configure the ActiveX Control to have my reports printed
correctly ?
    When I try to use the PageSetup Object
            session("oRpt").PageSetup.PaperSize = crPaperA4
     I get the following error message
            Invalid printer specified.

    Help !

                                                         Florent Buiret

Florent BUIRET - E-mail: BUIRET at

Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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