Evaluating Multiple Records in Crystal Report Header 
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 Evaluating Multiple Records in Crystal Report Header


I'm a new Crystal Reports 8.5 developer who has been tasked with
preparing reports for a financial system.  My problem is as follows.
I need to create an invoice for people who own property.  The details
section of the report contains the numerous line items (transactions)
for that particular property.  The header section contains is nothing
more than their address, amount owed, and invoice number.  Here's the
problem.  The person can have 2 addresses- both a property address
(the physical address of their property) and a mailing address
(different from their property address).  So, when I'm generating the
header, I need to check for a mailing address and, if found, use the
info.  Otherwise, I just use the property address in the header.  I've
created my table structure and I return all the possible addresses
from the SQL query, but it appears that the header section only reads
the first record and disregards any subsequent records.  Is that the
case?  If so, any ideas on how I could possible circumvent this

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 30 Nov 2004 12:54:12 GMT  
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