Crystal Reports V9 Evaluation Problem 
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 Crystal Reports V9 Evaluation Problem

Try this:

Public crystal As CRAXDRT.Application
Public report As

Set crystal = new CRAXDRT.Application

Set report = crystal.OpenReport("c:\stats\test.rpt")

It may work!


> All,

> I need some help with a VB application I have written using the RDC.

> The application has been written in VB6.0 SP5.0, an enables a user to
> import data into a SQL server using stored procedures, check that the
> data has been loaded, open a Crystal Report that lists all records for
> all clients, convert the report to PDF format (either using Win2PDF or
> exporting using crystal reports), then allow the user to create
> individual PDF's for each client.

> The application was written and tested on a PC with Crystal Reports
> V8.5 Developer installed on it, I have tried to run a compiled EXE
> (not a deployment package) on a PC with the Crystal Reports V9
> Advanced Evaluation installed but when the you get to the point were
> the Crystal Report is opened I get the following error :

> "429 ActiveX component can't create object"

> Public crystal As New CRAXDRT.Application
> Public report As New

> Set report = crystal.OpenReport("c:\stats\test.rpt") <-- this is were
> I get the error

> I am assuming this is due to a DLL not being installed/registered ( I
> have tried CDO32.DLL, and CRAXDRT9.DLL with no success).

> Can anyone give some pointers in the right direction, please

> Thanks
> Mandeep

Sat, 04 Jun 2005 20:19:13 GMT  
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