Crystal Reports, dBase Files and Indexes 
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 Crystal Reports, dBase Files and Indexes

I am new to Crystal Reports and I am puzzled by two things. I only use
dBase on my system. The first puzzler is when I add database to create a
report the Add Index button is greyed-out. Can anybody tell me why
that it would be like that and how to correct the condition? The second
problem might be related. Below are the two structures of the databases.
In dBase I join the two files using the
TITLE_CODE field. The second file is used as a lookup file. Every time
that I try to create a link between the two files, the software says
that I am trying to create an invalid link.

I would appreciate any insight that you may provide.

Thank you,
       Joel D. Stevey

Field  Field Name  Type       Width
    1  LAST        Character     20
    2  FIRST       Character     15
    3  TITLE_CODE  Numeric        5
    4  ADDRESS     Character     30
    5  CITY        Character     23
    6  STATE       Character      2
    7  ZIP         Character     10
** Total **                     106

Field  Field Name  Type       Width
    1  TITLE_CODE  Numeric        3
    2  TITLE       Character     16
** Total **                      20

Wed, 21 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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