native sql server 7.0 driver 
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 native sql server 7.0 driver

SQL Server 7.0
VB 6
Crystal 8 rdc

On our crystal 8 reports that we're using from within the RDC and VB we have
some date fields. It seems that when we place the application on win 95 and
win98 machines the dates on the reports have garbage in them. It seems like
a dll is misiing that we did not account. The output is "1/1/402819...." as
the date. Or are there some sql client dlls that we did not account for...we
are passing along sqlsvr32.dll and the ntdbwdlib.dll(named pipes). It does
work on win 2000 machines. Is there a difference between dlls that need to
be installed specifically for win 9x machines.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Fri, 05 Sep 2003 21:33:52 GMT  
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